Monday, 27 August 2012

Flying Nautical Charts

Chart Art

If you can't navigate on them or use them for situational awareness, why not use as art.  A create idea for unloved Admiralty charts.  Love it.  Perhaps I can persuade some of the team to make us some? 

Lives on the Line

The tube map style is used for many types of art.  For example, the tubular fells, UK motorways or this wonderful map of the world, tube style  (just adding it to my Christmas list).  This recent map, lives on the line, is a new way of depicting life expectancy in and around London.  

Sheep Shuffling

And finally GPS has been used to prove that sheep huddle more when faced with a predator.  Now that makes perfect sense.  I think I'll try that, except I don't really look like a sheep.

Thursday, 16 August 2012

New York (She's got the whole world in her hand)

After 3 weeks in the States I am still not out of the habit of walking past buildings with my eye level approx 40cm above ground level looking for benchmarks.  However, occasionally I look straight down and find them.
12 08 13 Brooklyn (5)
But sometimes the geo goodies are a tad easier to spot.  This is the Unisphere out at Flushing Meadows Corona Park.
12 08 12 Flushing Meadows Corona Park - Unisphere
For one moment I had the whole world in my hand.  Fortunately I let go before I created havoc.
12 08 12 Flushing Meadows Corona Park - Unisphere
It's a great globe - with 3d topography.
12 08 12 Flushing Meadows Corona Park - Unisphere (9)
And today we popped into the New York Public Library to view their Mercator 500 exhibition.  It was more of a display cabinet but its small nature was more than compensated by the magnificent map room in which it sat.
12 08 15 NY Public Library - Map Room
12 08 15 NY Public Library - Map room
My ideal looking bookcase - atlases, globes and framed maps above.
12 08 15 NY Public Library - Map room bookshelf
My daughter loved this huge atlas.
12 08 15 NY Public Library - Map room atlas
A lovely globe.
12 08 15 NY Public Library (4)
Fascimiles of his early work.
12 08 15 NY Public Library - Mercator
12 08 15 NY Public Library - Title page of 2nd edition of his atlas

Sunday, 5 August 2012


Spent the day in Cambridge today.  Found a Harvard trig point.
12 08 04 Harvard University Trig point
Small but sweet.

Was stumped by this mathematical clock.  I can work some of them out - and obviously I know the answers - but 1, 3, 11...?
12 08 04 Mathematical clock
And the treat of the day was discovering the Smoot measurement.  Harvard Bridge is 364.4 Smoots +/- an ear.
12 08 04 Harvard Bridge and Smoots
Smoots are marked all the way across the bridge.
12 08 04 Harvard Bridge and Smoots
12 08 04 Harvard Bridge and Smoots
How cool is that?

Thursday, 2 August 2012

Washington II

Just a couple of other geo spots on our US vacation.

Visited Annapolis yesterday and came across this wonderful chart store.  Isn't it great?  The only point at which my family rolled their eyes is when I asked if their charts were in metres or fathoms.  Come back in a few weeks as their website will be far better organised, they told me.

Walked up to the historic US centre of power, the Maryland State House.  Imagine my excitement (not my family's) to find this.
12 07 31 Annapolis - State House and BM
12 07 31 Annapolis - Bench Mark5)
Actually perhaps I'm not insufferable as my husband pointed this next bag out to me and suggested we go find.  Unfortuately there is a temporary security cordon in place at the moment so this is the closest we could get to the Zero Milestone.  Wish I could have actually read the inscription.
12 08 01 Zero Milestone - Washington DC