Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Bristol Leanings

I've recently spent a couple of days in Bristol.  Our hotel was next to Temple Church, founded by Robert of Gloucester in 1147.  It was rebuilt during the 14th and 15th centuries during which period the tower was built.

It is not a result of the camera angle: this tower really is out of kilter.  Apparently it has been leaning ever since construction and it is now 1.64m out of true.
14 02 18 1-Temple Church (4)
I wasn't suprised to see these survey markers halfway up the wall.
14 02 18 1-Temple Church (5)
But a tad surprised to find a benchmark at the base.  Just goes to show that it really is quite stable, just not vertical.
14 02 18 1-Temple Church (6)
I found a few benchmarks in Bristol.  My husband is quite worried for my safety when I'm in benchmark hunting mode (which is constant?).  I do sometimes trip over things and have to make a conscious effort to watch traffic at times.  This one was a treat.
14 02 18 5- Bristol Buildings (1)
It's part of the 3rd geodetic levelling of Great Britain.  If I had been more organised I would have checked out the location of other flush brackets in Bristol.  Next time.

Today we popped into M Shed and, of course, there were some nautical treats to see.
14 02 19 Bristol M Shed (2)
14 02 19 Bristol M Shed (1)
And a disused light ship in Bathurst Basin.
14 02 19 Bristol Light Ship (2)

Saturday, 8 February 2014

Search and Rescue Map - 2013

I've just been sent this link by a colleague who just happens to work at GANNET (well, CO actually).  Isn't it fab?  I've got a lot of time for these magnificent men and women in their flying machines.
In fact this Guardian webpage is most interesting.  Datablog - Facts are Sacred.  Must remember to keep an eye on it.

Sunday, 2 February 2014

Trip Down Memory Lane

It was a beautiful day today and my itchy feet drew me out for a walk in the sun.  When in doubt I head for my favourite trig, West Down Beacon at Budleigh Salterton.  I really have no idea how many times I've been to this one but it holds many memories for me.  We're like old friends and if I'm ever feeling a bit low this is the place to go.  I'm sure a psychologist would make something of the fact that a lump of concrete is my haven.
 14 02 02 TP6804 West Down Beacon Budleigh (2)
14 02 02 TP6804 West Down Beacon Budleigh (4)
My big plan for the next few years is to walk the South West Coast Path.  Today was a mini test run of my kit.  I even played with the timer on the camera.
14 02 02 TP6804 West Down Beacon Budleigh (1)
Room for improvement I think!  I'm hoping I'm good to go next Saturday - will be weather dependent.  And if I do my first trig on the path will be Selworthy Beacon.  It's only a few 100ms off the route. I'm not going to walk miles out of my way to bag them whilst I walk it, but if a trig is in sniffing distance I'd be a fool to pass it by.