Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Sheffield Measures and Watery Finds

I was up in Sheffield last month.  I will frequent this city much during the next 5 years as one of my daughters has just started at Sheffield University.  This was my third trip there: the first consisting of hugging and dropping her, the second of hugging and doing a Sainsbury's shop with her (I paid naturally) and this one third where we'd matured onto exploration (give or take a parental food bill I still paid). Anyway,  I had the advantage of arriving whilst she was still in lectures so set off to explore.
2016-11-18 13.31.09
2016-11-18 14.45.09
I wound my way through some lovely parts of historic Sheffield, past numerous fountains, the Winter Gardens etc when I arrived at the Peace Gardens to bag my prize.
2016-11-18 14.48.46
Lovely huh?
2016-11-18 14.46.52
2016-11-18 14.46.41
2016-11-18 14.47.03
One of things Riona wanted to do was to 'find water' when I was up. Being an Exeter child she was missing this so I was tasked to organise something. I discovered a wonderful watery world of canal and rivers, in particular the Blue Loop. We started canal side down at Victoria Quays.
The Sheffield and Tinsley Canal autumnal style.
Yay - water!
Once we left the canal we looped back via the River Don and came across the Five Weirs Walk.
This is a lovely walk with interesting artefacts carved out of wood dotted along the path. Sadly some of it was closed and we had a 1km road stretch which was a bit meh. But it means we have to go back ;-)
Burton Weir.
And just as we were heading back into the city, look what I found?

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