Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Derbyshire Trig

I drove up to Sheffield last weekend to collect my daughter and on the way stopped at Crich to see an old university friend.  Over supper she mentioned that she had a local trig and did I want to go and see it?  I suppose it's a bit like asking a duck if they like water - "sure!"  So once fed we ambled up around the corner from her house and within 10 minutes we were at Crich monument and trig.

First things first, the trig hug (TP2588 for the spotters).
2017-06-16 20.24.53
Both myself and Ruth had a go.
2017-06-16 19.38.21
And then I ambled over to the monument - you can see how close they are from the photo.
2017-06-16 19.41.35 HDR
2017-06-16 19.41.03
I was surprised to note it had a benchmark on it.
2017-06-16 19.40.48
I find it unusual that there is one so close to a trig with its own perfectly formed, and higher order, BM on it.    There must be a reason.  Perhaps the trig building team of the Ordnance Survey got bored over lunch and chiselled the only mark they'd been taught to make?  Like OS graffiti.

Ruth and I then wandered over the hill and gawped at the amazing views.
2017-06-16 20.02.55
Changing the subject somewhat, on our way home I decided to go cross-country from Sheffield rather than the M1, to avoid the traffic and amble across this beautiful county. We went through Matlock - hey cable car! Now that looks fun.
They are ascending to the Heights of Abraham. I should try that one day.

I had Riona's bike on the roof and was quite taken by the shadows it cast.  It's a very reassuring view when you know you loaded a bike onto the car!
Dappled shadow on the bridge.

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