Thursday, 19 October 2017

London Greenwich

It's not the first, and certainly the not last, time I've visited Greenwich but every so often I like to go check it's still all there.  This time I was with my brother and his sons.
20171014 London KJ and Boys 14.16.16
It was a grey day but you always get good views from up by the observatory.

And I have no idea how many times I've had my photo taken with these measures and benchmark.
20171014 London KJ and Boys 14.17.51
It was time to find the meridian (well the OSGB36 variant) and stand a nephew in each hemisphere.
20171014 London KJ and Boys 14.19.23
We then wandered down to the play area, finding a lovely sun dial on the way.  It was quite hard to explain the concept of this to the boys in the absence of a shadow.
20171014 London KJ and Boys 14.29.54
After a charge around the park we visited the National Maritime Museum.  Again, I haven't been here for years and it was just oozing lovely maritime-y goodies including this absolutely monster map.
20171014 London KJ and Boys 15.28.09
I retraced a journey with my feet for the boys that I did earlier this year: Johannesburg, Bloemfontein, Windhoek, Johannesburg and Mbabane and back.  Robin scooted of towards the Middle East...
20171014 London KJ and Boys 15.34.02
I know these aren't terribly popular items but I find them fascinating.  Our history of positioning at sea when all you have is a sky to navigate by.
20171014 London KJ and Boys 15.29.37
And a familiar old face.
20171014 London KJ and Boys 16.16.28

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