Friday, 13 October 2017

Plymouth Remembrance

I went to Plymouth yesterday to see the 14-18 WOW poppies which are on tour following their Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red exhibition which I saw at the Tower Bridge in 2014.
2017-10-12 11.09.45
I hadn't realised they'd been touring since then, until I heard they were in Plymouth. The Wave structure is amazing.
2017-10-12 11.12.11
It is fittingly draped over the Naval War Memorial.
2017-10-12 11.08.52-1
2017-10-12 11.08.28-1
2017-10-12 11.09.19 HDR
Once I'd completed the World War remembrance I started my own memories.

Plymouth and I go back a long way.  My first real memory of it was in September 1990 when we moved there just after getting married.  Our first house was in West Hoe, which one can see from the Hoe.
2017-10-12 11.16.14
We only lived there a year but I remember it being wet most of the time - it doesn't really 'rain' in Plymouth, you just get damp by being outside.  I initially worked in Saltash for a survey company so would cycle across into Tamar into Cornwall every day.  Oh, and we got burgled.

Once we moved to Exeter, and I started working at the UKHO, most of my trips to Plymouth were Navy focused.  I must have had over a 100 trips to Plymouth.  I visited the hydro school at HMS Drake numerous times to learn, teach and most recently, be an external examiner.  I've visited the Royal Marines at RM TAMAR and sailed on various Naval vessels in the Sound.  Outside of work I was in the RNR briefly at HMS VIVID and was an external examiner at Plymouth University for 4 years.  I have attended Hydro Society and RICS lectures there and even paddled across the sound with the Exeter Canoe Club.

So, memories galore, I wandered across the Hoe.  I said 'hi' to Drake and his globe.
2017-10-12 11.14.37
Smeaton's Tower. On a clear day you can see the stump where it was sited next to the new Eddystone Lighthouse.
2017-10-12 11.18.58
Indeed, welcome to Plymouth.
2017-10-12 11.19.23
It was a moody day - mainly sunny but occasionally there were raindrops (don't forget, I was in Plymouth).  However I caught a fair weather window and sat outside on the damp benches and did some work.  However, the clouds made for some atmospheric photos.
2017-10-12 11.33.57
I was also able to indulge myself with a hug of the quirkiest trig I know.  Such that you can hug a wall.
2017-10-12 11.28.49
The last time I was in Plymouth I was walking the SWCP.   Another memory.
2017-10-12 11.22.17
I strolled down into the Barbican.
2017-10-12 12.16.59
I love the light in Autumn.  It is a richer colour and the lower sun angle creates a taller Ruth (I need all the help I can get).
2017-10-12 12.17.17
Considering I only lived in Plymouth for a year, the subsequent decades have filled me with hundreds of memories.  Next to my home town, my university city and my current home city, Plymouth is a familiar and comfortable place and yesterday was another delightful memory.

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