Monday, 25 December 2017

Diary of a Black Eye

I came off my bike late on Friday 01 December landing on my shoulder and face.  I ended up in A&E with concussion and a suspected broken shoulder.  Not my finest hour.
20171202 Black eye at 0300 cropped
Roger kindly came and scooped me up in the middle of the night and I stayed with him for a couple of days whilst the worse of the concussion passed.  Meanwhile, my black eye grew into a thing of beauty.   This is me the morning after the night before.  Not my most preened look.
20171202 Black eye at 1030 cropped
And this a few hours later.
20171202 Black eye at 1330 cropped
By the Saturday evening its true colours were emerging.
20171202 Black eye at 1700 cropped
20171202 Black eye at 1730 closed cropped
My first ever black eye - a rite of passage I suppose.  Sunday morning.
20171203 Black eye at 0830 cropped
Sunday evening.
20171203 Black eye at 1900 cropped
I received many empathetic comments from others who had been in this state. Monday morning.
20171204 Black eye at 0800 cropped
Tuesday morning.
20171205 Black eye 1000 cropped
And the side of my face, as well as my eye, turned a delicate shade of yellow. Wednesday morning.
20171206 Black eye at 1000 cropped
A week after it was certainly fading.  Saturday 09 December.
20171209 Black eye at 1100 cropped
Sunday 10 December.
20171210 Black eye at 1030 cropped
Thursday 14 December.
20171214 Black eye at 2300 cropped
Sunday 17 December.
20171217 Black eye cropped
Pretty much gone now. Friday 22 December.
20171222 Black eye
And healed for Christmas ;-)
20171225 Black eye cropped
My shoulder isn't fairing so well. This is it after my accident.
20171209 Shoulder - xray 02 Dec
Basically I have 'disrupted' the ligaments between my clavicle and scapula.  My clavicle is elevated around 5 mm (it should be between 1/2 mm from the scapula) and it's also pushed back.   Very painful and pretty impossible to move.

The long and the short of it is that it will probably take between 6/12 months to fully heal.  I have limited mobility but I cannot put any weight on it.  It's mucked up my training regime somewhat.  I had the option of keyhole surgery last week but declined (on medical advice of course) as the doctors believe it could heal naturally.  The fact that I'm doing far more with it after 3 weeks than most people do gives them hope.  If it's still significantly disrupted in a few months time they may still need to operate.  We'll see.

And in the meantime I have to try and behave.  Not over use it - which is a little tricky as I'm left handed.  So I have have to be patient and gentle to myself.  Wish me luck!

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