Saturday, 6 January 2018

Swakopmund - Round One

I arrived in Swakopmund last Tuesday and since then have been indulging in what feels like a real holiday.  I stayed two nights in a hostel and am now staying at an Airbnb belonging to the hostel owner, Betsy.

The hostel was fun on the first night as a family of Bostwanans arrived and left their teenage girls in charge of cooking.  They taught me to make pap.
20180102 Botswanans
And then some Italians rocked up and cooked pasta (each nationality confirming to expected norms re: diet).
20180102 Italians
It's been a quiet few days.  I haven't been up to much - I take myself out for brunch occasionally, potter around tourist shops, have a wine out and read.
20180105 Tug Boat 15.56.19
So far I have read 6 books since I've been in Africa, more than I read in the whole of the Autumn and very unlike me.
20180103 Chatwin
20180104 Archer
Swakopmund is small and relatively safe (for a me).  I've wandered down to see the sea most days, strolled along the beach and paddled.
20180103 Lighthouse
20180103 The Pier
20180105 Tug Boat 13.23.12
20180105 Tug Boat 13.34.57
20180106 Paddle 13.04.25
Geo truck!
20180103 Geo Truck
I've discovered a wool shop owned by a lovely lady, Amanda, who has offered me coffee and a chat if I want to pop in and crochet there one day.

I'm still not really meeting people.  However on my return from the coast today I walked into Betsy's kitchen to make a cup of tea and was invited to join her, her son Wilhelm (14) and Nichol (new to me) for lunch/supper - it was 1530, we couldn't decide what meal to call it.  Anyway, it was lovely.  Nice to eat with people. Most of the time I cook/dine alone. I'm not out in the evenings here as there seems no point eating out alone, and I'd have to get a cab there/back for my security which is a phaff.

I may explore the aquarium tomorrow.  It looks small but sweet and even as a foreigner it's ~£2 entry.    And on Monday I have a 'living desert' tour planned which is a holiday treat.  And it'll be good to meet some new faces. This is the desert view from just outside Betsy's house ;-)
20180105 Desert

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