Friday, 12 January 2018

Swakopmund - Snakey Wakey!

On Tuesday I stayed locally: did some work, admin, a little sewing and then popped to the snake park for an outing.  Like the aquarium, it's not a large extensive place, and it didn't take me long to peruse, but it was interesting.

Black zebra snake.
20180109 Black zebra snake
20180109 Boomslang
Burmese (yellow) and South African (black) pythons.
20180109 Burmese and South Africa pythons
West diamond backed rattle snake.
20180109 West diamond backed rattle snake
Vine snake.
20180109 Vine snake
Leopard sand snake.
20180109 Leopard sand snake
Black mamba.
20180109 Black mamba
Bearded dragons.
20180109 Bearded Dragons 12.22.59
20180109 Bearded Dragons 12.23.25
And the tortoise which I nearly stood on to get a better view of the terrapins...
20180109 Tortoise
After a while though I got a little creeped being surrounded by so many reptiles, esp those of childhood nightmares, so I wandered back to my book...

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