Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Captain Calamtiy

Spent the day talking with guys from UCL. I love chatting to academics as it makes my brain ache. Had long discussions about tidal levels around the UK, sea bed tide gauges, OSGM02, height datums (Poolbeg still wins my vote for favourite), tidal harmonics, impounded datums etc.

Today received the full version of the Independent supplement on surveying I mentioned yesterday. I had a message from another surveying friend today who said that he, too, missed the boat on this supplement as he and the Independent reporters could never get it together. One minute they were desparate for his input "urgent, urgent" and then they didn't contact him for days.

And to round off today, you've heard of banned drivers, now for a banned sailor. Honestly, being rescued 4 times in 4 hours! rolleyes

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