Friday, 30 April 2010

Too Much Choice - But It's a Good Thing

I'm not going to London as often as I used to and when there rarely get any spare time. So I'd ear-marked my next few hours spare in London, on 12 May, to visit the Magnificent Maps exhibition at the British Library.

But lo and behold London springs another mapping exhibition. The Creative Compass is being held at the Royal Geographic Society. However this finishes on 02 July so perhaps I should do this one first since the British Library one doesn't end until Sept? And then there is this fascinating sympoisum on 02 June which would be fab to attend if I hadn't already promised my husband a 2 day walk in the Brecons in Wales [trig pillar bagging I hope wink]. Mind you, on reading a more detailed synopsis of the day - click 'more' on the link earlier - I realise I can probably live without 'counter-cartographies', connectedness and repositioning. The wind in my hair (and the rain in my eyes?) sounds a better deal.

It seems there are also mapping quilts at the V&A quilt exhibition but that may be a step too far.

I'm also enjoying the programme on BBC4, Maps - Power, Plunder and Possession. Juicy stuff.

I'm encouraged that the BBC website is picking up some of these themes. However I'm not sure I relate to the statement by Stockwell in this article that 'mapping is a very male language'. What on earth does that mean question exclaim

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Volcanoes and Guides

I don't know what's happening to my blogging at the moment. I've been tired keeping up with the day job. As ever there are loads of geo-related news stories whizzing past my desk but I simply haven't had time to stop and blog them.

The volcano has obviously occupied everyone's thoughts this week. Well, not everyone's, as some of our global customers didn't seem to realise there was a problem with air freight rolleyes and hadn't heard of the seemingly international crisis. Ah, the bliss for them. I had a member of staff stranded in Germany but he's a resourceful chap and has jsut arrived in the UK after an adventure on Germany and Belgium railways, Eurostar, tube etc. Not dissimilar to many others I'm sure.

The FIG conference in Sydney has concluded. Teo CheHai was elected president which is great news - the first non-western FIG president for a very long time - perhaps ever?

And me? Well my daughter has broken her arm and needed some help sewing Girl Guides badges onto her blanket. Guess my favourite...

Thursday, 8 April 2010

I Am Very Behind with Blogging

As mentioned in my last post, the OS response was due out on 31 March. I think it snuck on before midnight? Anyway, the government response is here. Read it at your leisure. There is a rash of comments on the 'free our data blog' but nothing since the end of March post-government annoucement, however it's always worth a read to see how many diverse opinions there are re: Ordnance Survey and government mapping. And of course, here is where you can get the data. Or at least some of it.

I must confess, not being welded to the UK mapping industry I haven't yet worked out what it means for Ms Jo Bloggs but no doubt I'll work it out in the fullness of time.