Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Volcanoes and Guides

I don't know what's happening to my blogging at the moment. I've been tired keeping up with the day job. As ever there are loads of geo-related news stories whizzing past my desk but I simply haven't had time to stop and blog them.

The volcano has obviously occupied everyone's thoughts this week. Well, not everyone's, as some of our global customers didn't seem to realise there was a problem with air freight rolleyes and hadn't heard of the seemingly international crisis. Ah, the bliss for them. I had a member of staff stranded in Germany but he's a resourceful chap and has jsut arrived in the UK after an adventure on Germany and Belgium railways, Eurostar, tube etc. Not dissimilar to many others I'm sure.

The FIG conference in Sydney has concluded. Teo CheHai was elected president which is great news - the first non-western FIG president for a very long time - perhaps ever?

And me? Well my daughter has broken her arm and needed some help sewing Girl Guides badges onto her blanket. Guess my favourite...

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