Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Sunday, 26 September 2010

Trig Pillar Hugging

I handed over Chair of the RICS Geomatics Professional Group on Monday 20 Sept and one of my vows was to spend more time with trig pillars (was I meant to say my family?!).

Anyway, after a glorious day out at Saltram with my girls today espied a little something on a hill...

TP2812 , Dorsmouth Rock, a wee hop and a skip across a field gives one some gorgeous Plymouth views.

Meridian Hunting

I spent last week in London on leave. A bit of RICS, a good dose of catching up with relatives and lots and lots of exploring London.

I liked the nautical theme of the 4th plinth in Trafalgar Square, currently Nelson's ship in a bottle.

Spotted some locals - although they weren't using their theodolite, just standing around presumably waiting for their boss (far LHS of photo) to finish his phonecall.

Bumped in the Land Registry HQ

and kept an eye out for benchmarks without seeing any. Honestly, I really am useless at spotting them! rolleyes

Spent a gorgeously sunny afternoon in Greenwich sitting by the Thames watching the world go by. Popped up to the Observatory but no photos as I'd temporarily lost my camera (don't ask).

On Thursday my aunt and I visited Waltham Abbey for the sole intention of finding the meridian. I hadn't realised how close their house was to the meridian and spent a lot of my time fretting if I was east or west of Greenwich!

The most beautiful meridian line I've ever met.

And the Meridan gate (with aunt).

Happy days.

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Do you think in directions?

I hopped in a taxi today and asked the driver to take me to the north side of the railway station. He looked flumouxed. "Is that the side with the ticket machine?" he asked. I confirmed it was and then asked him what he calls that side of the station, "ah, the up line". I think in maps and whenever I'm travelling anywhere new I feel quite unsettled until I can see a map and place my new-found world in its correct geospatial position. I like to know which way north is. It's a big scary world out there but as long as I know which way is up I'm happy.

Friday, 3 September 2010

National Trust Gems

Whislt visiting a National Trust property, the Vyne, with my family on Sunday I espyed some geo artefacts.

This map is a 3x enlargement of Simon's engraving of the great seal of the Commonwealth ordered to be made in 1651. On this side seen here it represents, in minature, a map of England (sic) and Ireland, in which the Vyne was named out of compliment to Chaloner Chute who was afterwards Speaker of the House of Commons.

There was another map from 1695, possibly Morden's, but it doesn't look like the Morden's I can find on the internet. Unfortunately the photo didn't come out well as I wasn't allowed to use flash.

In the 'stone room' I came across this lovely piece.

It was crafted by Francis Berry and was obviously used to measure the Vyne estate. I've googled Francis Berry and can't unearth any more about him - perhaps a local Hampshire surveyor?