Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Search my Soul

There's an interesting discussion on the Ed Parsons blog at the mo about 'introspective soul searching'. He's hit a point. It is easy for any profession that feels under threat to batten down the hatches and cry foul that others 'just don't understand us'. Perhaps it's a standard human response - to protect what we know and to find it hard to relinquish control of knowledge. I easily fall in this trap but then shake myself to embrace change. How often do we hear people talk about the 'good old days'. Hello? The good old days when you could only get cash when the banks were open; when you had to go to a library to do your homework as they had all the reference documents; to spend weeks without contact from loved ones as the satellite phone was too pricey and there were no other comms. No, I quite like the here and now. But it's always a challenge how to accept change and use it to our advantage.

Anyway, he has a fair balance of comments but my favourite is definitely "the audience were obviously ludites as they were taking notes". Goodness me. Now taking notes in a presentation brands you as 'thick'. I thought it was a sign that you were taking an interest?! rolleyes

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