Friday, 2 October 2009

London Wanderings: East and West

Had a lovely week in London last week - lots of wandering in the sun by the Thames exploring paths and routes I'd never travelled before. When strolling the south bank came upon the Golden Hinde which was a bit of a suprise - a bit of 'in the middle of nowhere'. But I do like a bit of rigging every so often.

The lure of 0 deg longitude was too strong and I had to go and visit Greenwich.

I popped into the National Maritime Museum to see the North West Passage exhibition. I've read quite a bit about the search for the NW Passage but this display was a disappointment. I'd hoped for some creativity but it didn't inspire me as to the drama and intrigue of the story.

And then a lovely climb up to the Observatory for one of the best views in London. I was too late to go in and see Harrison's clocks but I stood astride the meridian (the OSGB36 ish one)

and watched the tourists measure their feet against the British Foot.

All the better for watching them topple over as they tried to do it.

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