Monday, 4 January 2010

Snow Watching the British Way

I'm off to London tomorrow pm. Last time I was there was the first heavy snowfall pre-Christmas and the guys I was going to see in Defra couldn't make it in. They are joking that as I'm up in London to see them this week it'll be heavy snow again. I feel a deja vu experience coming on.

So, in anticipation of being snowed in (in a southeastern sort of "eek, 5cm of snow - panic" way) rolleyes I thought I'd check the weather forecast. It looks fine - OK, on the nippy side but nothing anywhere near treacherous. My googling bought me to this rain radar website which, being updated every 15 mins, is quite interesting - even if the snow does tend to be moving in the wrong direction for my liking.

I also like this tweetery one - power to the people and all that!

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