Thursday, 24 June 2010

Close Range Newcastle

I was up in Newcastle-upon-Tyne on Monday for a Geomatics Professional Group RICS Board. My last one as Chair which was quite bizarre. I've been Chair for over 2 and a half years which is certainly far longer than the standard 18 months recommended by the RICS. I hand over to Stuart Edwards, Newcastle University, in Sept, at which point I retreat into obscurity.

Having studied at Newcastle University for my degree I have a lot of affection for this place. The arches, in particular, are well known and this is where exam results were posted. Well, not quite for Land Surveying (as it was then) - ours were still posted in the Old Brewery Building; honestly, where else would you put surveyors?

We had a busy meeting but I had time between that and the next event to take the standard stroll down memory lane from the University to Osborne Road, Jesmond. I think about 3 of my blog readers will understand this statement.

In the evening we attended the reception for the ISPRS Commission V Close Range Symposium evening reception at the Civic Centre. The Civic Centre has a bit of a memory jogger for me as I did my finals in this place so it was weird to revisit it 20 years later. Golly, that makes me sound so old. Anyway, met up with lots of heavyweights of photogrammetry/remote sensing including Ian Dowman, who has recently retired from UCL.

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