Friday, 10 June 2011

Work Speak

You know you work too much when

1. You tell your daughter to look on the J: drive for a photo.
2. You answer your home phone "good afternoon, Ruth Adams"
3. You tell your kids to 'wait one'.
4. You think 'days off' are so you can do RICS business.
5. You write VMT to your brother in an e-mail.
6. Your husband tells you off for talking too fast (it's those Lt Cdrs I work with - it seems to be a prerequisite of joining up that you have to speak rapidly).
7. You know the safe combination better than your pin number.
8. You keep calling the Minerals and Waste group of the RICS Mine Warfare.
9. You write e-mails to your mother with UNCLASSIFIED in the subject matter.

Anyway. Back to the inbox...

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