Friday, 15 July 2011

Royal Institute of Navigation

Attended the RIN AGM yesterday in London on behalf of my business. An interesting event - mix of old school and cutting edge technology. The Duke of Edinburgh was there to present the prizes (poor photo but you'd never believe me otherwise).

I enjoyed the talk on Unmanned Aerial Vehicles by the CE of Northrup Grunman - lots of whizzy applications continue to be developed. I didn't, however, enjoy the school boy humour at times directed against women. The RIN claims to be a professional institution, so I don't expect to see sexist derogatory pictures of women at this event. I mentioned it a chap over drinks later "ah, well we're all the same aren't we?" he chuckled. Well, it's put me off even considering joining.

Apart from that met up with some old faces and had a good chinwag with a guy from Collingwood and someone from Abbeywood (is there a wood theme?).

And also bagged a lovely BM.

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