Friday, 26 August 2011

GNSS Guidance and Other Friday Night Musings

The new Guidelines for GNSS Positioning in the Oil and Gas Industry have recently been published. You can find them at the IMCA website, and also the OGP one. A lovely read; reminds me of the type of documents I used to know insideout. Alas I am just management material now.

There are echoes of the latest RICS guidance here too, "Guidelines for the use of GNSS in surveying and mapping', the latest edition can be found here. Not sure if you have to be member to download this one though - surely not.

Interested to read that the sea ice has melted sufficiently this year to give routes through the Arctic.

I've also been reading the UK Government's open data consultations which were released earlier this month - Making Open Data Real: A Public Consultation and the Public Data Corporatation. These are important documents which need measured responses. However, it being Friday night, I was also quite tickled by the adverts which popped up between the pages of this consultation - ranging from ferry offers to kitchen appliances, xerox adverts and more than the usual smattering of warnings that 'the end time is here'.

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