Sunday, 20 November 2011

Got One! And so did Rog.

I was out in Honiton today and raced the girls to find the BM on St Peter's church (there just had to be one). And there was! Bagged by my daughter who was very proud of herself. Perhaps her maternal madness is rubbing off. 11 11 20 BM side of Honiton Church
Even greater excitement when I spotted a flush bracket near by. Roll of eyes by girls and they walk off disowning me as I take a photo of it.
11 11 20 Flush Bracket Honiton
Anyway, I wasn't finished with them yet - which they knew as they'd spotted tell tale signs in the boot of the car.
11 11 20 Ready for the trig
Off to find a friendly trig pillar. One of the girls joined me initially but got wet feet and retreated to the car where the other one lounged in the warmth. It was an easy find, once I entered the right field (!).
11 11 20 TP2140 Cheriton Hill
Rog announced this evening, just as I was downloading phots, that he'd bagged a trig the previous week. He and some colleagues were in Snowdonia on a Mountain Leadership training weekend. This is Claire bagging Moel Siabod in style. That's PE teachers for you.
11 11 12 Moel Siabod and Claire

Monday, 14 November 2011

A Few of My Favourite Things

I suspect that anyone geeky enough to be remotely interested in this blog will also (perhaps secretly?) have a favourite map projection. Mine is the Winkel Tripel for no other reason than it sounds slightly rude and the teenager in me finds that amusing. And I confess liking long map projection names - 'Mercator' doesn't do much for me, but doesn't 'Snyder Flat Polar Minimum Error' sound fab?

OK, confession time, I have a favourite spheroid too - the Krasvosky one. Again, a lovely one to roll off the tongue.

Now I'm on a roll. My favourite geodetic datum is the Afgooye (Somalia), with the Bukit Rimpah (Indonesia) in a close second.

And grid? The Rectified Skew Orthomorphic Borneo Grid.

And the trigger for all this was a website my husband came across today. Enjoy this.