Friday, 17 February 2012

Lubeck Revenge

Visited Exeter Museum today.  It's recently reopened after a multi million pound refit.  I was not swept off my feet by any stretch of the imagination; same old exhibits in glass cases but at least they had made a few nice architectural improvements.

The (only) highlight was a map; the only one I found.  But at least it was interesting.  It's a late 1930s German map of Exeter with highlighted targets for the Lutfwaffe.  Targets include cultural buildings, war stores, hospitals and railway hubs.

12 02 17 Exeter Museum - Luftwaffe Map of Exeter
12 02 17 Exeter Museum - Luftwaffe Map Key
Exeter was bombed in 1942 as a revenge for the Allies' bombing of Lubeck.  There's no right in war is there?

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Ken said...

Only "if God's on your side" to misquote Bob Dylan.