Saturday, 5 May 2012

Ivy, Formerly Known as Trig

Bagged a quick couple of trigs today on the way up to Dulverton. The first, Longstones, was easy to find but the plug was impossible to see as the trig is slowly turning into an ivy plant.
12 05 05 TP4537 - Longstones - Ivy plant formerly known as trig
At least you can still easily see the FB.
12 05 05 TP4537 - Longstones
The second, The Mount, was an easy map read up the hill but I was glad I'd gone for the welly footwear option as the path soon turned into a stream. I then jumped over a hedge into a bog. I liked this one - quite a regal trig sitting on its plinth.
12 05 05 TP6408 - The Mount
And in case you need proof I was there - with an increasing number of grey hairs (eek!)...
12 05 05 TP6408 - The Mount

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