Sunday, 21 April 2013

Three Trig Sunday

A 3 trig day today. First off tackled one that had eluded me last year. I'm not the only one and others have struggled to find Lowman's Farm. That made it even more appealing for a hunt so in jeans, long sleeved top and gardening gloves I set out to find it. Actually, it was easy to spot from the road. Just a pig to get to and I had to fight through brambles to get to touch it (it's not a true trig bag unless you have contact with the trig). I drew blood on a thorn at one point which made it even more fulfilling. The best trig hunts are the ones you fight for.
13 04 21 TP4574 - Lowmans Farm
Some damage to the top.
13 04 21 TP4574 - Lowmans Farm
Next off was an easy one, Widworthy Hill. Now isn't this a beauty?
13 04 21 TP6939 - Widworthy Hill
Plug intact. Sight holes blocked. Fine views across East Devon.

Lastly it was Longbridge Farm. I was a tad nervous about this as the descriptions mentioned circumnavigating fields of bullocks which is not my thing. However, a clear run on farm animals and, give or take the odd thorn in my hand, a nice find.
13 04 21 TP4529 - Longbridge Farm
This is what weekends are for.

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