Saturday, 10 August 2013

Longitude and Venice - with a very tenuous connection

I recently was pointed towards a BBC article on Longitude.  Nothing new on the John Harrison front but interesting to note some of the crazy - or do we now call this "thinking outside of the box"? - ideas that were postulated.

I have recently been to Venice and snapped this ship: sort of on the same theme.
13 08 02 3-Rialto to San Giorgio (27)
And alongside the standard holiday photos of gondolas and canals I found a few maritime treasures.
13 08 02 3-Rialto to San Giorgio (28)
Nice anchor.
13 08 01 8-St Marks and Home (1)
I didn't visit this naval museum.  If I'd been by myself I would have wandered in but I couldn't be bothered to suggest it to my holiday companions.  Mind you, if I'd known it was only 1-55 EUR entrance fee I might have suggested it.  Ah well, something to look forward to for next time.

Piazza San Marco has a wonderful astronomical clock.
13 08 01 8-St Marks and Home (13)
13 08 01 8-St Marks and Home (21)
You'll note the V and 40 above the clock.  And, indeed, it was 1740.  I double checked when I went back a couple of days later.  At 1020 funnily enough.  It only displays to the nearest 5 minutes but that'll do me.
13 08 03 2-St Marks (11)

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