Sunday, 27 October 2013

Tintagel and Boscastle - Trigs and Related

Have just returned from a rather blustery weekend in north Cornwall.  As you would expect, bagged a few trigs.  Yesterday managed just the one I didn't want to use the car and Tintagel is in a bit of a no-trig-zone.  So bagged Condolen Barrow.  It is perched on an ancient barrow - can't imagine the Ordnance Survey being able to build on top of these types of monuments nowadays.
13 10 26 TP2376 - Condolden Barrow (1)
This one was suffering from erosion around the base and somewhat off the vertical.

Today bagged quite a few.  Started with a new one for me, a 'platform bolt'.  It's larger than the base of a trig pillar (it's about 1.5m square).  I've never seen one before.  A sort of "starter for ten" trig but actually a benchmark  Fine to resect from, but lousy to intersect to unless you put a visible marker on top.
13 10 27 TP7643 - Carcade Farm (2)
13 10 27 TP7643 - Carcade Farm (3)
What was very typical is that it's slap bang in the middle of a hedge.
13 10 27 TP7643 - Carcade Farm (1)
And also typical was a muddy/cow frequented path (I leave the rest to your imagination) which wasn't pleasant to trudge through.

Next was a lovely easy bag by the A39, Trewannion Down.
13 10 27 TP6583 - Trewannion Down (2)
I don't usually wear all my hair up in my hat but the wind was whipping any loose bits around my face so it all had to get stuffed in.
13 10 27 TP6583 - Trewannion Down (1)
And as if to prove a point, look at the way the trees in the distance have grown.  Prevailing wind anyone?
13 10 27 TP6583 - Trewannion Down (3)
Then another fun discovery, a fundamental bench mark.  This was a short find involving some kicking of grass.  I love these sort of marks; there is a satisfaction in the hunt.  You wouldn't want everything to be too easy would you?  [NB - this it after being unearthed - it looked just like a grass verge a few minutes earlier].
 13 10 27 TP7153 - Boscastle FBM (3)
A beauty.
13 10 27 TP7153 - Boscastle FBM (2)
And then a drive-by trig.  Dead easy, but still a mini thrill to find even though there is no 'chase'.
13 10 27 TP0334 - Tresparrett Down (1)

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