Wednesday, 24 December 2014

A Geo Christmas

A Christmas miscellany to put us in a festive mood...

I have long been a fan of the Norad site to track Santa (or Father Christmas as I still stubbornly refer to him).
When the girls were younger I used to show the girls his progress as their excitement mounted on Christmas Eve.  Now today my daughter showed me a new site - Google Santa Tracker. which, for some reason, thinks I'm in Teddington, UK.   He'll need to come a bit further west if he's going to deliver the goods.  It's quite fun actually and I'm sure one could easily lose an hour of your life fiddling around on it.  This news story gives more info on the detail of the sites.  Tracking a fictional figure is obviously a very serious business.

Meanwhile a friend has just sent me a Christmas present from Apalachicola in Florida.
And a surveyor in California has recent Tweeted me his postcard.
Kevins postcard
Which is nearly as exciting as mine.
14 09 17 Postcard BM
This surveyor then pointed out that there are even more! Check out the postcard locker website. Now all I need to do is either visit numerous National Parks in the US or encourage others to and post me the evidence.

And to finish, because I've finally stopped work, I made myself a Christmas gift set today.
14 12 24 Cushion
Happy Christmas!

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