Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Wellington Chain Mark

A colleague/friend of mine has just moved to Wellington.  The first contact I've had with him since he's arrived was in the form of a set of 3 photos from him over the weekend.  This is the Wellington Chain Mark.
15 01 Wellington (1)
15 01 Wellington (2)
This mark ensured that all land surveyors used the same length chain.  What I can't work out from the info in this poster is if the standard was just one link, or a complete Gunters chain of 100 links, roughly 20m.  It looks as if it's just one link which I would have thought too short to give the accuracy needed.  Or am I missing something?
15 01 Wellington (3)
It would have been nice if I'd actually taken the photos myself (!) but at least my blog gets out and about around the world even if I'm often parked on my sofa.

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