Tuesday, 24 February 2015

No-one Knows Where I Am And No-one Can Hear Me Scream

Continuing my theme of arm chair geo bagging a few more recent phots from surveying friends.

Firstly, one from Afghanistan.
15 01 20 Geo point Afg
One from the Washington DC area.
And this slightly mysterious one which I've been passed from someone recently.  However I had a geomatics fail and forgot to retain adequate metadata about it.  Doh.
Metro BM
My final offering is from Japan in the form of a cartoon about a lost and found survey marker.  The article about the lost marker stake travelling from Japan to the USA is here.  However the real piece de resistance is delivered by the manufacturer of the survey marker, Ripro Corporation, who have turned it into a traditional Manga graphic comic book.  In includes the haunting phrase when the little survey marker is all alone in the ocean and realises that "no-one knows where I am and no-one can hear me scream".  But you can read on without alarm; there is a happy ending awaiting Little Orca.

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