Sunday, 15 July 2007

Going Down - London

This is not new - London is sinking. We've known it for years. But it's more significant if you combine it with sea level rise. This study combines the GPS brains of IESSG, the tidal knowledge of Proudman Oceanographic Laboratory (who have moved from a gorgeous old building south of the Mersey, which I visited, to a more 'standard' building in Liverpool) and Nigel Press Agency (who I know as imaging gurus).

I love the link which came with the BBC article about the Millimetre Men. Next stop? Millimetre Women?!!


John said...

Conversely, Scotland and Northern Ireland are still rising due to post-glacial isostatic rebound. That gives us northern folk a little longer before we feel the effect of rising global sea levels.

Further detail on the UKCIP site.

Ruth said...

Blimey, not sure what happens to the Southwest in 2080 - "ping"!!!!