Thursday, 12 July 2007

Marine Management Organisation

This seminar on the Marine Managment Organisation (MMO) looks interesting. As a hydro focused person the management of marine resource and use throughout the UK is of particular interest to me. Unlike other countries I've visited, the UK has quite disparate ways of managing our marine heritage and seas. - not very 'joined-up'. Defra have been looking into this for a while through the Marine Bill.

There's also quite a very brief presentation on the MMO here.

Have also just stumbled across a Friends of the Earth website on marine matters. Interesting...

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Ocean said...

UK Marine Policy is very sectoral, but it does seem to be getting ducks in a line for greater intergation and seems to be doing so in arather strategic way rather than just muddling along. I hope the MMO stands up soon it seems like it could be a model for other countries.