Sunday, 20 July 2008

TP5547 with tworedboots

My friend, otherwise known as tworedboots, dragged me out geocaching today. Well, not dragged necessarily but I've always been a bit wary of something which relies totally on GPS positioning and not good old fashioned map reading. It seems so much like cheating rolleyes

Anyway, after a swift find of the cache we headed off to locate the trig pillar at Pynes Hill. Piece of cake since I had a 1:25 000 OS map on which it was clearly marked. I got the right side of the fence, which GPS doesn't give you, but annoyingly Sarah found it first with her GPS. It was so hidden in brambles and nettles that none of us could see it. However Sarah was convinced her GPS was right and eventually spied it through the overgrowth before I did. Give me some humble pie please redface

I crawled into the nettles to find it but still only got to within 2 metres of it. I was too caught up in brambles with my hair/jeans/jumper to get any closer!

Anyway, all blogged here. Now I must be getting truly sad. To not only bag a trig pillar but to write about it.

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Neil said...

I used to work really near there, never knew it was in there, although the rate they are clearing stuff for new houses it will be exposed in no time!