Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Government Reports (with apologies to non-UK readers)

Another week, another couple of government reports. The Pre Budget Report 2008, which came out on Monday, had something for everyone, whether you wanted it or not. The Sunday Times managed to pre-report it, but not necessarily with all the right details so I've been dealing with that at work. All sorted now.

And then on Tuesday the Place Matters: Location Strategy came out. I like the summary on the Communities and Local Government website but found the AGI info, although more 'comprehensive' more muddling. After a few courses on communicating recently I find it sad that we couch such reports with complex wording when simpler phrases are just as (if not more) effective. How does this grab you?

"The Location Strategy offers a structured approach to facilitate the effective exploitation and realisation of the value and benefits of GI as well as enabling the implementation of the INSPIRE Directive across the UK"

Or perhaps I just over-react to the words 'facilitate' and 'realisation'?

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Ken said...

No, you're right. The KISS principle beats gobbledegook every time.