Thursday, 6 November 2008

The Tides Website Formerly Known As...

Have just been up to Liverpool for Hydro8 (more about that another day) but just wanted to blog a website I came across when talking with Proudman Oceanographic Laboratory staff. XTide is a tidal prediction programme for non-navigational use. I must confess I haven't delved into it and compared it to other tidal programmes such as the UKHO's EasyTide (global) and POL's tides (UK in the main). What amused me about this lovely site is that it's such a personal passion. Not only is XTide "formerly known as Flaterco" but there are pictures of the developer and a personal miscellany of pages such as a recipe page, 'random enlightenment' and an ignorance base. It's certainly the first time I've ever seen a hot sauce recipe on a tidal website! wink

PS. When on the POL site came across details of the new Liverpool ONE payment incorporating a 'tide pavement'.

Now is that just cool or what? cool

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