Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Rockall Where Art Thou?

A link to Rockall 2011 came across my desk (inbox) today. It'll be 200 years since the first recorded landfall of Rockall back in 1811. I expect it's just as unfriendly to live on today. I love the link to Ben Fogle who wanted to claim it as "Ben Land" (watch that ego fly). The story is in full here and once you get going on Rockall et al you find all interesting websites such as Islomaniac. I am veering off subject.

Back to the position of Rockall. It is was positioned in 1967 with respect to OSGB36, the extension of which is a bit of a stretch into the North Sea let alone the Atlantic Ocean. It must have been GPS'ed by now. Anyway, one to watch in 2011. In the meantime, all best wishes to my reader(s) for 2009 wink


John said...

Rockall - British or Irish?

Ruth said...