Saturday, 9 May 2009

Eating Frogs

As a departure from all things geo speak I've been listening to a cd by Brian Tracy today called 'Eat That Frog!'. It's about focusing the limited time we all have on those things which achieve the greatest results. It's about getting on and doing your key, big scary task first and leaving the less important (but more interesting?) tasks for later in the day. It's eating your frog first thing and getting the horrible bit over and done with for the day! How many of us get into work and find, an hour later, that we're still in trivia. Or, even worse, find by the end of the day we haven't achieved that key task which is hanging over us like a big cloud - and we promise ourselves that tomorrow will be different and we'll find time for it.

I'm not going to run my life the Brian Tracy way (I do lists but he DOES lists in a major way) but there are lots of snippets which will be useful. I certainly know it'll make me think twice before agreeing to an RICS meeting. There is only one of me and if I'm going to be best value to the RICS I need to ensure that I appear where I can make the most contribution. But when I do I'm going to eat frogs whilst I'm there and make sure I add value; rather than just go along for the ride.

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