Sunday, 31 May 2009

"Women Have Never Had it so Good"

An interesting report on the M&S Chair, Sir Stuart Rose. I agree with some of what he says but his tone is provocative and argumentative.

His phrase "there are many girls in here who have kids and come to work" would be viewed as many as demeaning to woman (I, at the ripe old age of 39, am now at the stage when I don't bristle so much to be called a girl, but I used to find it very much a put down "there there, little girl" type of phrase). His old-fashioned forth-right views won't go down well with everyone. It's a shame he wasn't more thoughtful with his language.

I agree that women who want to get somewhere can, in the main, get there (Thatcher is a prime example) but it's still rare to find female role models at the top of businesses. And the support at the top of many organisations is biased towards what the classic testosterone-fueled guy needs. Like tends to breed like. But perhaps that's just my limited view on life.

But perhaps you don't get to be chair of M&S without being outspoken? Shame isn't it?

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