Friday, 6 November 2009

Hairy Northern Wood Ant

GPS is revolutionising nature conservation. Thank goodness for that.

Gone are the days when GPS was the preserve of geodetic geeks (and I raise my hand here). It didn't take us long to realise, back in the early 90s, that GPS was such a fantastic tool. It shouldn't just be kept in the world of surveyors but should be shared with anyone who wanted to position themselves. And, as you know data, makes so much more sense when it's related to a location.

I'm not downgrading the specialist profession of the geomatics surveyor, far from it - only a trained surveyor knows the details of accuracy, precision and repeatability of the data they have - but for locating ant hills, bring it on!

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RichWSmith said...

Brilliant eh?

I'm joining the FC in the summer to survey the site and see if the habitats have been positively effected.