Sunday, 30 January 2011

The Best Made Plans...

...don't involve children.

It's not her fault but my daughter isn't well so the planned trig bagging session didn't come off and, indeed, I've been more-or-less house bound for the weekend whilst looking longingly at the beautiful sun outside.

So in a bored moment I uploaded some photos. These relate to the Geomatics PG we had on 09 Dec, the day of the student demonstration/riot. I wrote about it here.

Working hard...

Us on the RICS terrace - before we hung over the edge to get a good look at the riots.

And at dinner afterwards.

I went up to London on 10 Jan for a re-run of Martin Pratt's Michael Barrett Award lecture. A fascinating insight into the world of boundaries - both offshore and onshore. He spoke of the unending connundrums of interpreting old, small scale, datum-free maps and relating them to the modern landscape. Boundaries are easy to draw when you have no knowledge of the geography of a region - but closer inspection of the physical geography, land use, settlements - give a complex picture to unravel. And even if the surveyor knows the optimum solution, trying to explain geodetic concepts to a legal advisor can sometimes be the biggest challenge.

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