Friday, 28 January 2011

Chit Chat

A bit of a miscellany post today.

Sad news on standing astride longitude at Greenwich. It will now cost an adult a tenner. Ah well, at least the majority of 0 degree longitude is free to stand on!

Picked up Modus, the RICS corporate magazine today. It was full, as ever, of property articles, but this U-tube site caught my eye. It's amazing what you can build in 2 days - well shell in 2 days, internal walls completed in 6. That's mighty quick.

And to continue the time lapse theme my Dad sent me this construction of new railway bridges at Reading Station. Fun eh?

Off for a trig hunt with my daughter tomorrow I hope. She doesn't yet know but once the words 'tea and buns' get injected into the conversation I'm sure she'll come around. wink Still not finding benchmarks easy to espy. I certainly haven't got my eye into those yet.

And to end my miscellany, a measurement quiz for those who haven't picked it up earlier. I suspect you will all beat my paltry 4 out of 9!

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