Sunday, 27 February 2011

Geo Finds in Banbury and Oxford

A trip to see old friends in Banbury and Oxford unearthed a few interesting finds.

First off we stumbled (ahem - I navigated the family to it) a trig. A nice one - at the edge of a field but with a pretty buried BM.

We spent a couple of days in Banbury and whilst there visited the local museum. They had a sensory exhibition on Blind Art and I was very much taken with this picture in string.

Fun eh?

The next day in Oxford more treats awaited. In the Pitt Rivers Museum I stumbled across their marine navigation exhibit. [Some images have more info - click on them to read more].

And the in the Ashmolean more treats awaited in the form of Measuring Man,

some ancient maths,

a historic chart

and an upsidedown world. Purely designed for museum visitors but I loved it. It's not often you see the standard map up the other way. And why not?

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