Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Space Alert - My Head is Spinning

I spent some time with the British Geological Survey today. They gave a few presentations about all the work in which they are involved. Where do I start?

Apart from the 'standard' things you'd expect a national geological organisation to be involved with, they mentioned a plethora of European marine initiatives to which they contribute. And, yes, I was confused by the end. I'd heard of Seadatanet, One Geology [which I blogged on in Feb 08] and BLAST but not the Ocean Drilling Programme, EDMED (the European Directory of Marine Environmental Data) or MESH - Mapping European Seabed Habitats.

And whilst in Googling mode I also found EU SeaSed for shared European seismic data.

The more I Google European marine initiatives, the more I'm convinced that there are plenty out there and that I don't understand the inter-relationships between them all.

And then I became totally confused tonight when I clicked on the BGS website tonight and up popped a weather forecast for space!

But, back to earth (or substrate). This is one my brother-in-law will love - check out iGeology John!

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