Saturday, 14 May 2011

3 Trigs and a FBM/Passive Station

A treat of a day today. A surveying friend visited and, as expected, the lure of some trig pillar bagging was too much. Derek was game as I'd anticipated so we headed west out of Exeter to find a few.

First off was the trig pillar which fooled me a few months back. The trig I thought was a trig appears to be some geodetic control for a reservoir. Anyway, it was an easy find, so Constitutional Hill all bagged now. Fantastic views of Exeter from this ridge (give or take the odd branch/folliage).

Next was a treat - a FBM and passive station. Nicely hidden in nettles but a gem. Neither Derek or I have seen one of these before. Fun eh?

Then it was back to regular lumps of concrete and we picked off Bilsdon Trig. What a view!

The girls (my daughter and a friend) were starting to show the strain of this geeky hunt,

but they were polite enough to show interest in Derek explaining the spider to them. wink

And finally we visited Waddles Down for our last trig of the day. Derek climbed up to inspect and found a bunker the other side of the hedge.

Not sure if it's a military bunker or something to do with the mast compound next to it (? doubt it).

Anyway, happy happy days. cool


Sarah said...

I should have asked where you were going, could have loaded up my GPS with some appropriate caches for the girls to find!! Hope they are asleep by now ...

Ruth said...
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Ruth said...

Girls asleep? Ask me in an hour or two ;-)

Yes, geocaching was mentioned but I assured them that trig pillars were far more exciting...