Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Falmouth Maritime Museum

Have just had a mini break in Falmouth with my daughter. A magnet for me, unsurprisingly, was the National Maritime Museum Cornwall. Bank Holidays are probably not the best time to visit a place like this - I had to restrain myself from elbowing off some enthusiastic button-whacking (but inattentive) kids from various interactive exhibits. Of course, no queue to take photos of the old toys.

I was very excited to find this chart in the Lighthouse exhibit.
I gave the museum permission to use this in my last job. And everyone must read the Lighthouse Stevensons. Of all the places to try to build...

There were some fun navigation exhibits which encouraged visitors to use charts, met data etc to choose the safest and most efficient passage through an area. I wish I could transport this whole area to the Science Museum.

The polar exploration exhibition "On Thin Ice" was fine. Of course seeing anything re: Shackleton, Scott, Franklin etc is fab but I've read an awful lot around the subject so there was nothing new. I'm not complaining of course but I suspect I need a visit to SPRI next to sate my appetite.

I loved the tower which is built below the water line so you can see the tide come in and out.

I want one of these at home!

Aside from the maritime pull were a few benchmarks which I spotted. I earned brownie points from my daughter for not stopping and embarrassingly photographing them. Also spotted RFA Largs Bay alongside.

Walked up to Pendennis Head and spent a while checking out the iso light at St Anthony and other various navigation marks in the Fal. A spotters holiday eh?

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