Thursday, 29 September 2011

One Bagged - Two DNFs

I am delighted that my annual leave has coincided with some superb summer like weather in the UK. The trigs are just calling out to be bagged.

My first was a nice easy one, Dumpdon Hill. I somehow missed the easy path up and struggled through gorse to find my goal.

Self portraits are always hard when you're alone and there are no convient perches to place the camera for a self-timed shot.

As if I need to prove I've been there eh?

Once at the top I found the stupidly easy path back down which lead straight to the car park. Doh.

I then headed for Lowman's Farm which is a killer to find apparently. It's on a busy, fast road so you can't park easily. And, more importantly, the local golf course has removed the hedges which are my reference points for finding something hidden in brambles. I shall have to go back with the GPS. I feel it's cheating but there you go. redface

And my second failure was Broad Down. This was a spur of the moment trig which I must stop doing! If I'd read up on this trig I would have known that it has been moved so I was never going to find it. I had a bramble fight for nothing. It was a challenge to get to (or to the spot where I thought it was meant to be) and I had to climb a fence and avoid all plants spiky - which I miserably failed to do. There was also a helicopter overhead. It passed once then came back directly overhead at a lower altitude. I decided that even if it wasn't MI5, I was starting to look a bit suspicious and headed home.

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Ken said...

Mmm - hydrographic surveyor, for sure!

I've to go to Cornwall tomorrow - thought I might fit in a stroll up Brown Willy on the way back.