Monday, 9 April 2012

I Can't Keep Away

When I bagged my last trig Ken pointed out that there was another easy find just a few kms east up the A303.  So on my way to Basingstoke on Thurs we made a slight detour.  I'd given the game away a couple of hours earlier as my husband had seen the trig print out lying around.  "Ahem," he said, "something you want to tell me?"  He's quite gracious as far as trig bagging goes. I think he can manage one a month.
12 04 06 TP0742 - Beacon Hill
The other geo excitement, if you can call it that, for the week was travelling to work by train on Thurs in the entertainment carriage. I realised that it was free to check the moving map - it would blank out after a minute and you could just switch it back on. Small pleasures eh?
12 04 05 Moving map on train

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