Friday, 20 April 2012

On Top of the World

I like doing jigsaws. They provide a mental challenge but also a way of unwinding from all the other 'stuff' which flies around my head. My parents recently passed onto me a 1000 piece satellite imagery jigsaw of the world. Awesome. The land/ice areas looked fun but the oceans looked impossibly interesting. It's taken me over a week to complete this and annoyingly (to me at least) I couldn't do it on a board as they were all too small by 5cm. I therefore had to build it on the dining room table. So we've been eating supper on top of the world literally. It's also had the added excitement, if you can call it that, of me thinking I've discovered new island when it's actually a piece of crumb stuck to a piece. Rog delivered me a mug of coffee last night, plonked it in the Pacific and, because the base of the mug was wet, created an instant archipelago.
12 04 20 The World
Off to trig hunt tomorrow. Weather not looking tip top so I wonder how long I'll last before I scurry away to my warm B&B and read a book!

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