Monday, 4 June 2012

Navigation the Teenage Way

I'm feeling better now so drove up to North Devon today to meet some relatives and, of course, bag a little something.  Decided my Ten Tors 45 miler daughter could map read us there.  "So," I query driving across Exmoor, "which road am I looking out for next?"  "Oh, the B something something 4".  "Umm, that's not very specific," I laughed.  "Sorry Mum," she replied, "it's the B something something something 4".  Honestly.  I blame the parents.

First off spotted a cut benchmark and had to take a photo.  Reconfirmed with  my relatives, as if they needed it, that I'm a bit odd.
12 06 04 BM at Selworthy
Then bagged Selworthy.  Not my best photo but hey ho.  And I really have no idea why I keep wearing white clothes when trig bagging as they are always getting grubby!
 12 06 04 Selworthy Beacon and Views
On the way home we stopped off at Dunkery Beacon. I couldn't quite see the blue trig triangle on the map but presumed it was hidden under the 360 deg viewpoint they mark the beacon with too.  We appeared there to find not only the massive cairn but a Jublilee beacon ready for lighting this evening.
12 06 04 Dunkery Beacon
Slight panic on my part. I thought they'd built the bonfire on top of the trig!  Fortunately I checked the trigpointing website to find, to my relief, it is no longer there.
12 06 04 Dunkery Beacon
I suspect that trig pillars don't burn well anyway.

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