Friday, 29 June 2012

Arty Maps

Small pleasures this week.

Attended my daughter's arts evening and was very taken buy this picture, as you'd expect. 12 06 25 Arts evening
And just opened a belated birthday present. A small mirror. With an incredibly cool back.
12 06 29 Geo Mirror
Oh, and I revisted the fallen over trig pillar on Monday.
12 06 04 Broad Down Trig
I first visited this at the beginning of June.  I was pleased to see it is now upright again.  The farmer has stood it back up. Had a quick chat to him about it and mentioned that the previous owner wanted it taken off his hands. "No, I quite like it," he commented. "And, anyway, isn't it meant to stay around here?" I pointed to the distant field and said "Well, it should be over in that field. Now it's been moved the Ordnance Survey can't use it." I suspect he had no idea what it's for. He just likes the look of it. Can't knock that can you? Oh, and I have a standing invite to visit it whenever I wish. How sweet!

Off to Dublin on Sunday. Aside from visiting the HQ of the Society of Chartered Surveyors Ireland am wondering if I'll be able to discover an Irish trig. To my (sad) excitement found that there is a trigpointing Ireland website. I suspect that I won't be able to bag my first Irish trig as I'll be transportless, but you never know...

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