Saturday, 7 July 2012

It's Raining

No surprises there given the forecasts we've had in the last few weeks. A timely launch yesterday of the Environment Agency's realtime flood warning map. This was the screen shot yesterday evening.
12 07 06 Rain
And it doesn't get better - at 1306 BST today.
12 07 07 Map flooding
We are slap bang under the severe weather warning in the South West. Exeter doesn't tend to get overly affected as it has a decent flood plain but other local areas are suffering.

Perhaps we'll end up like Doggerland?

And in Germany a very rare map has turned up on a new-fangled modern day 19th century book. 

In between the day job, weather spotting and old map drooling, I popped to Dublin last weekend for an RICS Governing Council and AGM.  All somewhat busy - and so we should be - with the inauguration of the 131st president, Alan Collett (on the left of photo)
12 07 02 RICS Dublin - Presidential handover
the launch of the the Valuation Registration Service in Ireland, a talk from the Chairman of NAMA (National Asset Management Agency), the AGM and, of course, Governing Council.

Very little time to see Dublin, as you'd imagine, but did spot this little beauty on the corner of the Guinness factory.  In case you can't read it it says "Top of step 8ft above weighbridge at Cornhill".
12 07 02 Dublin Guinness factory
The steps have long since gone but I was pleased to share this other geomatics surveyors from the Society of Chartered Surveyors Ireland who hadn't come across it.  And what good craic they were!

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